Friday, January 21, 2011

The Best for Last - Chatter from the Heart Day 5 (Studio J)


We've come to the end of the week and I've saved the most exciting change for today! Before I reveal what it is, let me ask you some questions.
  • Do you have a computer with digital photos and an internet connection?
  • Do you love to take pictures but find it hard to get them printed once they've been downloaded to your computer?
  • Do you have memories captured in photos that you'd like to preserve?
  • Are you interested in scrapbooking but feel overwhelmed by where to begin?
  • Are you a seasoned scrapbooker that would like to be caught up on thousands of pictures?
  • Would you like to create themed albums (like Baby's 1st Year, Christmas, Sports) but don't want to invest in the paper and embellishments to complete a project?
  • Do you want to create more than one of a layout for multiple books? (i.e. a copy for family member or one for each child in your family)
  • Are you pressed for time but want to complete pages to add to existing or future albums?
If you answered yes to any of the questions above, then I have a solution for you!

Introducing Studio J, an online design software that allows you to create custom-printed two-page layouts for 12" x 12" albums. There is no software to purchase and install; instead, simply log in to Studio J and start designing your layouts. You can create and immediately purchase your layouts, or you can save them for later completion and purchase. And, don't let the word online or digital turn you away; please keep reading!
Close to My Heart knows you have busy lives—lives that are hosts of crazy schedules and demands, but also of joys and wonders. We take more and more digital photos, but preserve memories less and less. You have the photos, you want the scrapbooks. Ultimately, you need a solution that brings everything together in real time. Studio J is the answer: It translates real life into real scrapbooks in real time—more quickly than you could imagine.
I want to share with you how you can take the photos of your joy and wonder and preserve them for generations to come. You are invited to join me for one of 3 informational events where I'll show you how faster, simpler, and easier Studio J will make preserving your memories. At these events you will:
  • View printed pages made using Studio J (see the layouts in this message in real life!)
  • Watch step-by-step creation of a Studio J layout
  • Learn tips and tricks to enhance your pages
  • Learn the pros of using this form of scrapbooking
  • Discover the savings of different ways to create and print pages

Reservations are required (and will earn you a free gift!) and refreshments will be served. Choose the date that works best for you:
  • Jan. 31 at 7 p.m. (Reservation deadline Jan. 30)
  • Feb. 3 at 7 p.m. (Reservation deadline Feb. 2)
  • Feb. 5 at 11 a.m. (Reservation deadline Feb. 4)

Latisha Haag, Independent Consultant
Close to My Heart
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