Tuesday, August 26, 2008

It's been that long?

Oh my goodness! I know I'm bad about blogging, but I didn't realize that it was December since my last post! Holy cow!

I guess my only excuse is that I did try and have had very little luck getting things on my blog. Also, it's been one heck of a spring and summer. I never thought I'd be glad (and I'm still sad for different reasons) that school arrived so we had a semblance of normalacy around here!

Our summer was - once again - jam packed with activities and events. We began with a tornado on Memorial Day Weekend that led to even more remodeling. It was supposed to be a summer without the house torn up, but it wasn't.

We packed in two VBS in one week, followed up with Kiddie College, went right into a trip for me and the kids to Manitou Springs, and then ended with a couples trip to Kansas City with our friends, Chris and Brandy.

We began July with a bang...fireworks, of course! When the 4th rolls around, I have 3 kids, not 2, shooting them off. It's always a "blast" to see the kids light and then run. After the 4th I threw myself into painting the upstairs (where the tornado damage was). It took 52 hours, but I was able to get it all painted (and the garage too!) before Aug. 1. We headed to Plattsmouth to visit Ron's mom, went to my sister's to help her paint, and bid farewell to our good friend Allen as he started a new job in Wichita.

The first week of August brought our family vacation to South Dakota. What a trip we had. We hit almost every tourist attraction there was in the Black Hills and still had a blast.

Upon our return, we purchased our second rental and I began my daycare for Joel and Hannah. It was a blur, but we managed to squeeze in playdates (especially with the Beckers), swimming, t-ball, music lessons, and spending time outside.

Hopefully the fall will lend me more opportunity to post to my blog. But for now, here's a parting photo.