Saturday, February 4, 2012

That's a wrap: January 2012

It's hard to believe January 2012 is already in the history books, but the month of love is well underway! Our household has stayed busy this last month and we'd like to share just a bit of what we've been doing. 

We started the new year the same way we've started the last severa: celebrating Christmas with my sister and her family and my mom.
Gramy gave the kids a set of Paper Jamz guitars, drums and amps. We have a complete band!
Ron is in the middle of his officiating season. When they can, Zeke or Kaydawn rides along and keep him company. If the location is close enough, all the kids and I go so we can spend time with Daddy. Ron had to say goodbye to an old friend earlier in January. The recliner that he had for nearly 20 years, the chair he rocked babies in, and the friend who cuddled him through nights of headaches and other illness bit the dust. He tried to save it by using a ratchet strap to hold the footrest down, but it was to no avail. We replaced the old recliner with a matching set.
Ron trying to salvage his chair.

Kaydawn's Girl Scout troop at the cookie kick-off in Hays.
I am still home raising kids. Don't get me wrong, I stay plenty busy! I am the troop leader for Kaydawn's Girl Scout troop, the den leader for Zeke's Cub Scout den, and  still take care of Jamison a couple days a week. I take Asher to playgroup, story hour, and open gym each week and we squeeze play dates and lunch dates into the mix frequently. Add in chasing Zeke and Kaydawn in their activities and following Daddy and there's plenty in a day's time.

Zeke participated in Kid's Wrestling this year. His first tournament was on Dec. 31. He placed 4th in the Monarch Novice Tournament. On Jan. 15, he participated in the Ellis Novice Tournament. He improved much in just two weeks and took 2nd!
Zeke took this win with his first pin!
He also keeps busy playing kickball on Saturday mornings as well as doing Cub Scout activities. He is working towards his Wolf badge this year and several belt loops. He still enjoys playing army men, cowboys and Indians, and building models with his Legos. He is looking forward to the summer so we can go camping and have a break from school. School is not his favorite activity, but he's progressing in reading. He's looking forward to scout day camp and overnight camp and church camp.

Kaydawn is active in dance, Girl Scouts, and Kid's Club at the Methodist Church. Every Tuesday we go to Hays for dance lessons and she's really started concentrating this year. She intently watches Becky (the teacher) and tries hard to make the movements perfect. She's excited about her jazz dance because it's "sassy" so she gets to show attitude. They have started preparing for their recital in May. She's dancing to a Kermit the Frog song, Rockin' Robin and My Boyfriend's Back.
In January she started her first cookie sale with scouts. She set a lofty goal and both Ron and I were prepared to help her re-evaluate it when the selling got tough. But I guess it's true that everyone loves Girl Scout cookies because she's almost sold 400 boxes and her that was her goal. I guess she inherited a little of her mommy's tenacity for selling cookies because she's going to make that goal! On Wednesdays she rides the bus from her school to the Methodist Church where she takes part in a 6-week series on Bible lessons. She comes out the door beaming each week anxious to tell me what story she learned.

Asher keeps all of us laughing with his sweet but mischievous smile and the things he says. Now that Kaydawn is in school all day, he's learning to talk for himself. Earlier this year, if you asked him if he was a big boy, he'd reply, "No, I da baby." Then he decided to say, "No, I Ahh-eeer." He's also at the stage where everything is his or applies to him. His favorite game during the days Jamison is with us is to annoy Jamison by saying whatever Jamison says or does is his or he can do too. Owning everything includes the TV and the choice of movie on the Wii. He does well most of the time sharing, but he proudly announces, "It's o-dor. My turn!" when it's his turn to pick a movie.

Gramy with Kaydawn, Asher, Zerek, Zade & Zeke

Gramy and her sister Ruth
Me with Zerek
 In the middle of the month we met Gramy, Aunt Kendra and family, my cousin Sandra, and my Aunt Ruth in Great Bend to celebrate Gramy and Aunt Ruth's birthdays. We're enjoying Baby Zerek, the newest addition to Kendra's family.

Kendra, Mom and I at Mom's birthday lunch

Finally, both Zeke and Kaydawn have lost their top left front teeth. They make quite a pair!

The toothless pair!
I hope to post at the end of each month to keep family and friends up to date on our little piece of heaven on earth. Check back in March for the events and milestones we meet in February. There's only 4 days down and I have much to post already!

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Chatter from the Heart February Newsletter

Greetings from my living room where my youngest is playing over and over (and over, and over, and over...) a dancing bear singing the chorus of "Come 'n Get Your Love." As it plays, I can't help but think of all the "love" that Close to My Heart is offering this month and I want to share it with you! Keep reading to discover the news you want to know about your hobby!

The monthly crop at the Ellis Public Library is the coming Friday (Feb. 11) from 7 p.m. to midnight in the Community Room (the rear of the library). Please RSVP if you plan to come so there are enough tables and chairs set up.


You got a taste of the newest, greatest products from Close to My Heart last month with the Inspirations Brochure and my week of e-mails. Now you can see it all in the Idea Book. This book is "live" from February 1 through June 30. If you can't wait until the actual book is in your hands, you can visit my website for a digital version. If you would like a copy of the Idea Book, let me know. They are only $2 and packed full of project ideas and techniques.


Want to see over 70 examples of artwork using D1453 Friendship? Click here to start a blog hop of Close to My Heart consultants' projects.


Close to My Heart announced an updated list of products discounted and available only while supplies last. Click here to see what's available!


Free, Free, and Fabulous is perfect for those thinking about making the leap from customer to Consultant. In addition to the $100 in select product credit new Consultants receive when they achieve both levels of Straight To The Top, every Consultant who joins Close To My Heart in February and achieves both levels of Straight To The Top will receive a New Consultant Kit rebate of $129. Free product credit and free kits make February fabulous!

February is also a fabulous month for Studio J® members, because it’s time to achieve "A Perfect 10". Members who buy 9 custom-printed layouts in a single order get the 10th layout free! Take advantage of this promotion to save more and get more with a Studio J membership.

Are you a fan of the pre-designed Level I kits? If so, now is the time to get them. Close to My Heart announced this week that all Level I kits will be available only through June 30. There will be no Level I kits after the release of the Autumn/Winter 2011 Idea Book. While this is sad to some, I am always amazed by what Close to My Heart introduces when a loved product is retired. I'm excited to see what is coming to keep scrapbooking faster, simpler, and easier!

Monday, January 31, 2011

February Stamp of the Month Blog Hop - D1453 Friendship

It's been a while since I've been able to participate in a stamp of the month blog hop, but I'm super excited to join this month's hop and be among some very talented paper crafters! If you're following the hop, you've come from Cecilia Marsh; if you're continuing on, you'll be headed to Vickie Tagatz. Before you move on, don't forget to see my creation below!

This month's stamp set is a regal damask-like set. When I first received it, I knew right away what colors I wanted to use: Cranberry, White and Black.
This 5x7 greeting card was a quick assemble, but has such a bold look it doesn't need much. Don't you agree?

Here is a shot of the full stamp set:

Here is a list of supplies to recreate the card pictured above. All products are available for purchase on my website or send me an e-mail for the newest Idea Book which goes live February 1.

  • 1385 White Daisy Cardstock
  • 1386 Black Cardstock
  • 1272 Cranberry Cardstock
  • Z2105 Black Exclusive Inks Stamp Pad
  • Z2109 Cranberry Collection Designer Ribbon
If you'd like to continue on the hop, your next stop is Vickie Tagatz.

Friday, January 21, 2011

The Best for Last - Chatter from the Heart Day 5 (Studio J)


We've come to the end of the week and I've saved the most exciting change for today! Before I reveal what it is, let me ask you some questions.
  • Do you have a computer with digital photos and an internet connection?
  • Do you love to take pictures but find it hard to get them printed once they've been downloaded to your computer?
  • Do you have memories captured in photos that you'd like to preserve?
  • Are you interested in scrapbooking but feel overwhelmed by where to begin?
  • Are you a seasoned scrapbooker that would like to be caught up on thousands of pictures?
  • Would you like to create themed albums (like Baby's 1st Year, Christmas, Sports) but don't want to invest in the paper and embellishments to complete a project?
  • Do you want to create more than one of a layout for multiple books? (i.e. a copy for family member or one for each child in your family)
  • Are you pressed for time but want to complete pages to add to existing or future albums?
If you answered yes to any of the questions above, then I have a solution for you!

Introducing Studio J, an online design software that allows you to create custom-printed two-page layouts for 12" x 12" albums. There is no software to purchase and install; instead, simply log in to Studio J and start designing your layouts. You can create and immediately purchase your layouts, or you can save them for later completion and purchase. And, don't let the word online or digital turn you away; please keep reading!
Close to My Heart knows you have busy lives—lives that are hosts of crazy schedules and demands, but also of joys and wonders. We take more and more digital photos, but preserve memories less and less. You have the photos, you want the scrapbooks. Ultimately, you need a solution that brings everything together in real time. Studio J is the answer: It translates real life into real scrapbooks in real time—more quickly than you could imagine.
I want to share with you how you can take the photos of your joy and wonder and preserve them for generations to come. You are invited to join me for one of 3 informational events where I'll show you how faster, simpler, and easier Studio J will make preserving your memories. At these events you will:
  • View printed pages made using Studio J (see the layouts in this message in real life!)
  • Watch step-by-step creation of a Studio J layout
  • Learn tips and tricks to enhance your pages
  • Learn the pros of using this form of scrapbooking
  • Discover the savings of different ways to create and print pages

Reservations are required (and will earn you a free gift!) and refreshments will be served. Choose the date that works best for you:
  • Jan. 31 at 7 p.m. (Reservation deadline Jan. 30)
  • Feb. 3 at 7 p.m. (Reservation deadline Feb. 2)
  • Feb. 5 at 11 a.m. (Reservation deadline Feb. 4)

Latisha Haag, Independent Consultant
Close to My Heart
Visit my website for the latest product, video tutorials, and shopping!

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Chatter from the Heart - Day 4 (Getting product at a discount or even FREE)

With all the exciting changes, I bet you're wondering just how you can get your hands on the great products you've read about. Maybe you're wondering how you can afford all that you want? What about earning product packages (below) at 50% off?

Collection One (only $36.73) - great for a beginning papercrafter!

Bliss Level 2 Paper Packet, Bliss Level 2 My Stickease, Bliss Level 2 Assortment, Chocolate Exclusive Inks Pad, My Acrylix Trellis Stamp Set, 4x4 My Acrylix Block, Clear Buttons, and Irresistibles Villa Chipboard Die-Cuts.

Collection Two (only $37.83) - created with the cardmaker in mind!
Creative Basics Wings Collection, Wishes Card Confidence Program, Weezers, Bitty Brads Metal Assortment, Buttons Green Assortment, 4.5" Colonial White Circle Cards, and My Acrylix Dream Stamp Set.

Collection Three (only $44.70) - a complete set!

Sophia Level 2 Paper Packet, Sophia Level 2 My Stickease Assortment, Sophia Level 2 Journaling Spots, Desinger Ribbon Pink Collection, My Acrylix Heartfelt Treasurers Stamp Set, My Acrylix Fill in the Blank Stamp Set, 1x1 My Acrylix Block, 3x3 My Acrylix Block, and Pear Exclusive Inks Pad.

Collection Four (only $54.48) - for those interested in getting caught up quickly!
12-month Studio-J Membership and a 12x12 Outdoor Denim Quick Pic Album

So, just how can you earn all the products at 50% off?

  • Host a home (OR online) gathering and let me teach you new techniques, see the products in person and share with friends how Close to My Heart makes this hobby faster, simpler, and easier while still going easy on your wallet!

  • At home or online, a gathering is a great way to celebrate relationships through the art of stamping and scrapbooking. What could be better than sharing products you love with the people you care about? And just as great, when you become a hostess, you can earn valuable Hostess Rewards. Get started with the free product credit, and continue with the shopping spree with Hostess Rewards Plus! items at 50% off. It's a great way to get the products you want and need affordably or even free.

  • Can't get everyone together because of time, distance or gathering space? Host an online gathering! If you have e-mail, you're ready to host an Online Gathering using EZ Invite where guests are invited via email and do all their shopping online. You'll receive all the benefits of Hostess Rewards without cleaning the house and preparing food!

Need more incentive to host either a home gathering or online gathering? The first 3 people to book and hold a home or online gathering will receive a FREE product of your choice from me ($10.95 maximum value).

Contact me today to schedule your gathering!

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Chatter from the Heart - Day 3 Adding some bling with embellishments!

Since today is HUMP day, who couldn't use a little more bling to spice up creativity? Close to My Heart knows how bling can make any project perfect...that's why there's over 125 products to embellish your creations and 30 of those are brand-spankin' new! What's your fetish? I bet there's an embellishment just for you and all less than $6!

Choose from this list of new products:

  • (3) colors of ribbon - Blue, Pink, and Sweet Leaf
  • (8) Button Assortments - Red, Pink, Green, Blue, Basic, Clear, Wooden & Canvas Badge (wait until you see the neat techniques you can do with these!)
  • (5) Brad Assortments - Red, Pink, Green, Blue, Basic, & Metal
  • (2) Bitty Brad Assortments - Basic & Metal
  • Sophia Level 2 Journaling Spots
  • Lucky Level 2 Assortment (die-cut chipboard shapes)
  • Lucky Level 2 Journaling Spots
  • Bliss Level 2 Assortment (mesh flowers & filigree butterflies)
  • Sweetheart Level 2 Assortment (set of 32 epoxy stickers)
  • Fanfare Level 2 Assortment (15 designer brads)
  • Wings Level 2 Assortment (pleated ribbon in 3 colors) - these can be ordered NOW through the Inspirations Brochure
  • (1) Mini-Medley Accents Collections - Black
  • (1) Alphabet Rub-on - Newsprint
  • (2) Irresistibles (resist pattern that shows through when covered with chalk, ink, markers or watercolors) - Eclectic Alphabet, Villa
  • (1) Kraft Color-Ready Borders

Plus, the new SPRAY PEN! This fun tool is great to mist your projects with a mix of water, re-inker, and or pearl paint. You can get one NOW when you reserve your Wings Workshop on the Go kit available during National Papercrafting Month.

Have I wet your appetite to see for yourself what these embellishments look like? Did you know all of these embellishments range in price from $3.25 to $5.95?

Contact me today to get your copy of the 2011 Spring/Summer Idea Book (the only place you can see them before they go "live" on February 1) for only $2 or ask how you can one FREE!

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Chatter from the Heart - Day 2 (More, as promised)

Are there specials?
Well, of course! Keep reading to find out what those specials are as well as find out how you can participate in the classes!

When do the classes begin?
The first WOTG class is February 5 at 1:00 p.m. Reservations (with payment) are required by January 21.

Subsequent classes will be offered every other month: April, June, August, October, and December. There is no commitment - come to one or to all, it's your choice. Classes are open to as many or as few as reply, but there is a benefit to encouraging your friends to attend with you. If a minimum of 6 commit to one class, names in a drawing for the hostess rewards for that can earn a minimum of $25 in FREE product! Remember, you don't HAVE to attend the class to complete the projects, so if you live out town/county/state, you can still get in on the hostess rewards drawings if you purchase the kits.

What is the first kit?
This answer leads me into the second promotion you'll want to know about! The first kit is Wings:


This rich kit is offered as a sneak peak during the month of January and includes some fabulous deals if you purchase the WOTG. January is National Papercrafting Month so to celebrate, you can take advantage of discounted new products that cannot otherwise be ordered until February 1.

What are the deals if I attend purchase the WOTG?

  • Special pricing on 4 new My Acrylix Stamp sets (average discount of $3 off each set), including a new E-sized Alphabet set (purchase for $25, regular price $34.95)
  • Earn the January Stamp of the Month for 25% when you purchase the kit or the kit and 1 item featured Inspirations Brochure
  • Earn the January Stamp of the Month for 50% when you purchase the kit and 2 different items featured Inspirations Brochure
  • Earn the January Stamp of the Month for 75% when you purchase the kit and 3 different items featured Inspirations Brochure
  • Earn the January Stamp of the Month for FREE when you purchase the kit and 4 different items featured Inspirations Brochure
  • Receive the New Spray Pen as part of the Wings WOTG
  • Purchase 2 new embellishments - Black Mini-Medley Accents Collection or Pleated Ribbon in 3 colors - before they are "live" February 1
  • Purchase the new My Creations Banner (8 Chipboard Pennants with 7 Jump Rings) before it's "live" February 1
While you're visiting my website, don't forget to check out the discounts. Some items are up to 90% off!

What are you waiting for? Reserve your Wings WOTG today and get started creating faster, simpler, and easier today...all for LESS!