Sunday, September 16, 2007

A Kansas Sunset

Anyone who's never driven through Kansas in late summer has missed a truly beautiful place to visit. Personally, I get tired of the bad rap Kansas gets for supposedly being a flat, uninhabitable place where there is no beauty.

Kansas is full of beauty...if you get off the interstate and experience it. (A little bit of trivia: the first stretch of interstate was laid in Kansas and part of that stretch had to have at least a 1 mile stretch of straight road so if a plane needed to land, there was a place for it to do so. Therefore, the stretch of I-70 that spans the state of Kansas is pretty boring to drive because it SEEMS the state is nothing but flat. Anyway, back to origianlly scheduled programming...)

The picture to the right was taken at Cedar Bluff Resevoir just as the sun dipped below the rolling hills and bluffs surrounding the lake. The wind was blowing just enought to create a lapping wave on the sandy shore of the swimming area. While the shore is lost in the evening shadows in the picture, the grass was a vivid green and the sky full of blues, grays, reds, oranges, and reds. A hint of brown dawned the tips of the tall blades of grass as the middle of August had born it's heat just enough to sap the edges of moisture.

This resevoir was created in the 1950's when a dam was built between the walls of bluffs in a valley. (So explain to me how Kansas is flat if they could close off a valley!) It's mostly flooded timberland and a great place to fish because there is great habitat for freshwater aquatic life. It's a hidden retreat, 15 miles south of the interstate on a state highway.

Oh, by the way, I don't know if I've mentioned I'd like to be a photographer someday. I enjoy covering my face with the body of my camera, peering through the lens and creating a scene, visible only through the lens. Based on how I focus, I can create a widespan or a close-up view of what is reflected in the little mirror in the body of the camera. What is burned on the digital chip of my memory card is what I choose. Fortunately, God has given me a full array of possible canvases and individuals to capture on my memory card.

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Anonymous said...

You don't even have to get off the freeway to experience the beauty of Kansas. The range land along the I-35 turnpike has an ethereal quality, especially when the late afternoon sun gilds the horizon, and the grazing cattle are raisins on the muffin-like hills. Breathtaking!