Thursday, September 13, 2007

And now, the rest of the story...

(The continuation of "About Me" since I'm only allowed 1200 characters.)

The question I get most often about my e-mail signature tag is "What is a Domestic Homefront Coordinator?" Nevermind that I have my website for my direct sales business on there nor my information about how I'm an Independent Consultant for Close to My Heart.
So here's an answer to that question: A few years ago, I think even before I became a mom, I received an e-mail about how this lady went to get her driver's license. When she got to the section about occupation, she wasn't sure what to write since she was a stay-at-home mom and homemaker. Neither of these titles seemed to fit all she really did, plus society's connotation of the terms left a mindset that she really didn't work. So on the line for occupation, she squeezed in all the titles that fall under the previous mentioned. Chef, taxi driver, school classroom volunteer, daycare provider, teacher, nurse, doctor, mediator...the list went on.
While I appreciated the e-mail when it came, I did not fully understand the magnitude of what a woman does when she stays home to raise her children. Being in the "politically correct" era in America, I couldn't help but create my own title to describe just what it is I do. While there are many facets to the job, it isn't one I'd trade any time soon. I saw on someone's signature line once the following quote: "Stay-at-home mom is the hardest, most rewarding job I don't get paid to do." Enough said.
Oh, and a little more about me other than I'm a Domestic Homefront Coordinator. I am a scrapbooker/stamper and an Independent Consultant for Close to My Heart. I am also the web coordinator for as well as the VP of Membership for MOMS Club of Hays, Ellis Public Library Board of Trustees member, Children's Time teacher at Ogallah Christian Church, and teacher/designer for Scrapbook Frenzy. I have a Fantasy Football team...well, two actually; I like to attend auctions and garage sales because a good deal is too hard to pass up; I'm not afraid of a power tool; love to cook and bake; am thinking about taking up knitting even though I already have too much on my plate; value friendships; and have a secret desire to become a writer (partly why I created this blog). I have a million thoughts in my head that I'd love to share, just need an outlet. In my previous career I was a teacher, most recently at a Catholic high school. I taught English and Journalism and found both parallel with my love for scrapbooking and writing.
Well, that's about it. What I've missed here, I'll add in my daily blogs.


scrappintwinmom said...

Well done! I call myself the CEO - Chief Everything Officer. Welcome to the blogosphere!
-Christine Piecyk

Vanessa said...

Hello! I just came across your blog via an e-mail that W. Lofton sent. We attended church in Ogallah several years ago. Our oldest son's name is Lofton :) Anyway, I am also a Domestic Homefront Coordinator and enjoy many of the things you do - altered art, papercrafting, garage sales/auctions....I'm looking forward to reading more of your blogging. You'll have to check out my blog also.